Warrior Princess Workshops
Empowering people to confidently speak their truth and know their worth
Warrior Princess Workshops provide transformative workshops in both schools and the community for rangatahi and wahine between the ages of 8 years - adulthood.
About the Workshops
Warrior Princess Workshops empowers our participants to confidently speak their truth and know their worth. We connect them with their own culture and identity to break any cycles of intergeneration dysfunction.By running health and well-being programmes and transformative workshops both in schools and the community.

Warrior Princess Workshops create a safe space for participants to learn about themselves and tap into their potential. To gain assertive control over their decision making and develop self esteem. We connect participants with karakia, atua stories (Māori Mythology), taonga tākaro (traditional Māori games) and enable them to experience Toi Māori (Māori arts like Taonga Pūoro, traditional Māori instrumentals). As well as using other fun and engaging activities to develop social skills, coping strategies, internal dialogue and self esteem.
Frequently Asked Questions
Could you tell us a bit more about your team?
We're a high energy all female team are experienced when working with children and young people. Our team complies with the responsibilities under the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 Children’s and Young People’s Act, Privacy Act 2020, Human Rights Act 1993 and the Health and Safety at work Act 2015.
Where are you located?
The majority of our workshops are provied in the South Canterbury region in New Zealand. However, we occasionally host events across New Zealand and Australia. Sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date.
Who can join these workshops?
Anyone from 8 years to adulthood can join our workshops. We also offer workshops for participants to attend with their caregivers. 
About us
Warrior Princess Workshops was formed in 2018 by registered social worker, Sofia Tuala. Sofia is passionate about supporting whānau to break cycles of dysfunction and change their narrative for the next generation. This passion inspired Sofia to create Warrior Princess Workshops. Drawing from 10 years experience of social and community work, she recognised a need for prevention work. 

Sofia and a team of female youth workers facilitate the many different programmes and workshops Warrior Princess Workshops offers. 
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